It's still hard to live far away from family, but here's what's different

Four years ago, I wrote about parenting without family nearby for Good Housekeeping:

I Wish We Were Raising Our Daughter Closer to Family

Now we have a second daughter, and we are still many many miles from their grandparents. It doesn't seem as hard now, and here's why:

  1. Grandparents and other family take the time and energy to visit us several times a year. Not more than a few months go by without someone bunking in our guest room, and the girls know and love all of their family.
  2. We make those trips too. When we haul these kids 12+ hours in the car, we like to stay a few weeks and make ourselves at home. Thankfully, we are always welcome.
  3. The girls' aunt is now only a few hours away. It makes such a difference to know someone is "close".
  4. For the kids, long distance relationships are the norm. They know how to FaceTime, and take full advantage of their grandparents' attention. 
  5. We've made "family" here. Friends turn into confidants, sitters turn into pseudo big sisters, teachers turn into community. 
I used to stress so much about being isolated out here in the Wild West, but our community has grown up around us.


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