I heard people only read things formatted as lists?

10 things I do daily

  1. Write personal essays about motherhood, anxiety, books, wellness, and other topics I may not have thought of yet.
  2. Have intense conversations with my toddler and preschooler, covering topics from "Nose!" to "Where's dad?"
  3. Run, walk, run/walk, or take a break from running and walking. I'm training for a half marathon.
  4. Drink coffee, try not to drink Diet Coke, navigate a number of inner struggles about beverage choices.
  5. Manage my anxiety through television, medication, oracle readings, desperately seeking affirmation from friends and family, journaling, and other relaxation techniques.
  6. Read little snips of 2-10 books, and look sadly at the 2-foot stack of magazines I've been trying to catch up on since 2013.
  7. Vaccuum, Swiffer, dust-bust, and sweep up two tons of cat hair and Cheerios.
  8. Take children to activities and appointments, entirely neglecting my own health and interests.
  9. Text with my BFF about wellness; text with my husband about what's for dinner.
  10. Make travel plans.

3 things I rarely do

  1. Mop.
  2. Garden.
  3. Play with Legos.

3 things I plan to do

  1. Stand-up paddle board.
  2. Write books.
  3. Buy a house in Cape Cod.


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