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making my confession

Last night I did something I feel pretty guilty about. (Bear with me, because it's not about what I ate.) We were driving home from Denton and it was time to stop for dinner. I was holding out for Schlotzskys because I've been dreaming of a Cinnabon! (No, really, my guilt is not about that.) Finally we stopped at an exit that happened to have a Schlotzskys, so that's the good news. The guy at the counter flubbed our order a little and said "sorry, it's been a crazy night." No worries, but I thought it was a strange thing to say since there weren't many people in there. It was maybe 10 minutes later when the red flags started to go up. I heard a customer complaining that she had waited more than 30 minutes. Uh oh. Not what you want to hear when you are trying to get through a 5 hour drive before midnight. I listened, amused, and started to wonder if I should worry about our order. I saw that a customer who ordered after us was bearing down at the

No one is looking at you

Dear Diary, I waited almost a week to tell you about my last 5k! Every one of these experiences comes with its own lesson, and this one was clear from the beginning. This is me when Nick and I pulled into the parking lot at 7:30 Saturday morning: Hey, do you want to just save the entrance fee and go do our 3.1 miles at the park? And we would be done faster because we wouldn't have to wait til 9 to start! Etc. He got really frustrated with me and said, "If you don't want to do it, just say so!" He forced me to realize I did want to do it, I was just afraid. Afraid of being chased by jackals? Afraid of the ground swallowing me up? (No joke it happened very nearby not too long ago . ) I wasn't even afraid I couldn't do it because 3 miles is no big deal anymore. I was afraid people would look at me funny! With there little beady zero-body-fat eyes! Look at that girl! She got lost on the way to IHOP this morning! I HATE that kind of judgment, but I