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Does this Prius make me look crunchy?

I spent nearly a year and a half hunching down to haul my baby girl out of the back seat of my Acura. Before the baby, my car was a snazzy luxury ride; after baby, it was too small, too unreliable. This year my car would reach 100,000 miles, and it was already at maximum carseat capacity. No way would it accommodate the second carseat we hoped to need in the next year, so I was on the hunt for new (used) wheels. Ever the compulsive researcher, I started my car search at Consumer Reports, plucking out ten models of wagon and SUV that met my conditions for style, reliability, and safety. And back seat space for carseats. I shopped those models, crossing off one after the other. Too big. Too small. Too rugged. Too cushy. The sexy Volvos were cramped, the outdoorsy Subarus were uncomfortable. Goldilocks did not find her match until she landed in the cockpit of a Toyota Prius wagon. But I’m used to six cylinders and sex appeal!  This little Go Go Gadget car runs on AAA batteries and pi

Planning my mid-life crisis

Since I turn 40 this year, I've been wondering if I'm entitled to a mid-life crisis, and if so, what should I plan? Nick said if I plan it, it's not really a crisis, but I think he is just failing to see an opportunity.  Here are some of the potential crisis activities I've thought of: Option 1: Head-to-Toe Plastic Surgery When I was 30, I thought 40 would be THE year to do this.  For real -- just tighten and lift and squeeze everything, and tackle my 40s like the Real Housewife I am. But jeez, now I have this toddler, and I can't just check in to a spa hotel in Beverly Hills to recover for  month. Option 2: Write My Memoir I do have occasional delusions that my life is interesting enough to document, but this is literally what's going on around me right now:  Mamie is watching Yo Gabba Gabba, I'm drinking instant coffee, and I just got off the phone with a potential babysitter who is not a potential babysitter because she is allergic to cats.  No