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What we talk about

Kids make good social currency. Anywhere you find yourself, if you are among people who have kids, you have plenty to talk about.  How does she sleep?  When did he walk? What schools are you looking at? I fell into this pattern today with my friend at the gym.  We had 45 minutes of good treadmill time to chat and I bet half of it was babyish, until she said "What have you been doing for yourself?" What have I been doing for myself?  I do make an effort to punctuate my days with things that are just for me -- reading, tv, writing, exercise. Naps. I always had this idea when Nick and I had kids, we would just fold them into an already rich and interesting life. Man, I hope that's what's happening.  I don't even have enough perspective at the moment to tell!

My Year of Mamie

I am in my office writing this post, while Mamie is in her room with her first ever non-family babysitter.  Like her first birthday, this is a milestone for us, an indication that I am maturing and that she is adaptable. I thought it would be a good time to write about her first year with us. Did I ever tell you the story of when you were born? The week before Mamie was born, I became increasingly uncomfortable. I'm sure any pregnant woman would say the same, but it was a whole month until her due date, and still I was at the point where walking more than a few yards was too much.  That Friday, I spent all day lying on the sofa while maids cleaned the house to prepare for her arrival in a few weeks, so I thought. Not knowing it would be our last meal before parenthood, Nick and I had a quick dinner at the Greek restaurant nearby. Early Saturday morning, it was time to go to the hospital.  The next 30 hours were an agonizing mess of thirst, pain, decisions, waiting. Fin