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Ultimate plan for decluttering my house

Rent medium-sized Dumpster. Send husband and children to a hotel for a weekend. A three-day weekend. Fly my mom and closest girl friends to San Antonio (like, only the people I would trust to bail me out of jail.)  Empty 90 percent of contents of closets, bags, and cabinets into Dumpster. Take mom and friends to spa.

Flashback: Mamie taught me to love exercise, but now it's Lizzie's turn to be my coach

I wrote this essay (originally published by Mom Babble) in 2015. I was just reading it today and reliving some of that enthusiasm for activity! And remember when I was running, pushing Mamie in that stroller every day? Well I figure I have one more year at home with Lizzie, and I'm ready to recapture some moments on the road and at the gym with her. <3 p=""> I'm Healthier Because of My Daughter(s) Mamie laughs at the leaves falling on her stroller, complains when I tease them out of her mouth. This is our third walk around the neighborhood today, shooting for a goal of three miles. This toddler is my shield, a salve to soothe the awkwardness I would feel if I were out here alone. I am no stranger to attempts at personal wellness. I have notebooks full of food logs, exercise logs, and blood sugar logs, stretching back a decade. I never imagined a baby’s motivating influence would trump every trick I had tried before.  From the second she sparked into