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Adventures in Library School

Image by ¡Viva la Cynthia! via Flickr A bit of background: this summer I started my first semester toward a master's in library information science from the University of North Texas . The two classes I'm taking -- Intro to Information Professions and Intro to Information Organization -- start with several days of lecture, and the rest of the semester is totally online. So I left for Denton (near Dallas) last Wednesday. I really had no idea what to expect, but I took a stack of magazines and books a foot high because I'd be reading a lot, right? Nope, didn't crack a single one. For five days, I was in lectures from 8 to 5. Then I was back at Image via Wikipedia the hotel trying to grasp the Everest of assignments I'm expected to do in the next month and a half. It was like we were all dumped at the start line of a marathon, expected to sprint to the end and then, btw, you can train for all this after we're done. I spent first 10 miles going, omgwtf????

remember this

Image via Wikipedia two upcoming themes for Somerset Studios: aubergine and Alice in Wonderland.