Does starting the terrible twos early mean we'll be done early?

I will spare my daughter her dignity by not posting a picture of her facedown on the floor and screaming. This is not her true self.  You know she's a happy little darling.

But today is one of those days. All Mamie wants to do are the specific things I've told her not to do: playing with wall sockets, climbing on the coffee table, pulling out dirty diapers. She has shown a genius-level aptitude for identifying limits and pushing them. I know this determination builds the independence that will define her later. Her new brain is both overwhelmed with information and begging to be challenged. She has honed her physical coordination for walking, climbing, grabbing, throwing, but knows no context for when those things are not safe or appropriate.

And worst of all, Mama's annoyance feeds into her need for stimulation. She yells for me to come to her, she runs away, she hides, she gets quiet, I find her back in one of the naughty spots I just pulled her out of.

Then she makes a shame face, tucking her ear into her shoulder. I tell her I know she's sorry, we'll figure it out together.


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