My anxiety is possibly out of proportion to the situation, or it is exactly appropriate

I'm pretty nervous about taking a 12-hour road trip with Mamie tomorrow.  When I think, "12 hours in a car with a toddler," anxiety seems warranted. But we've done this trip with her twice before in the last year.  We took a six-hour trip with her just at Thanksgiving.  What could go wrong?  Well, she could start crying when we get in the car and not stop until we get to Atmore.  I suppose if she were going to cry 12 straight hours, she could do it on any day, regardless of the setting. Ok, ok we'll be fine.

Mamie is 15 months old today.  She is crazy.  She climbs all the furniture, throws all the food, and refuses to be tamed into wearing shoes or barrettes. She also gives really sweet hugs and blows kisses.  


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