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I don't even know if I can call what I've done "running". For the few minutes I do it, it must look like a slow-motion version of someone who actually runs very slowly.


I can really see the future when it's more something I do than something I wish I could do. And I'm committed to getting there, however humiliating the interim is.

I may have mentioned I started a group for beginner runners. We meet every Saturday, which I expect to keep me committed. The tough thing is that no one I the group so far is quite as "beginner" as I am. At yesterday's meetup, I was so embarassed about my inability. I just don't want people to think I'm lazy or dumb.

BUT! Yes, I know I have to tackle that fear on my own, and likely most people don't stop worrying about themselves long enough to judge me. It will just be an emotional process of adjustment for me, and I look forward to that as much as the physical process.
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  1. Yeah, you do know how to tackle it! And I bet they are just thrilled for you that your doing it. I am.


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