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1. Breathe

Dear Diary,
I'm going to the dentist tomorrow, and I'm so nervous.  It's not at all rational, so I can't even reason with myself.  I have spent weeks (months, honestly) working up to it and trying to get rid of my phobia.  Even earlier today, I thought, "I'm looking forward to this!" But now, I can feel each minute ticking me closer to the chair.  I'm a little overwhelmed with thoughts about what all I have to do tomorrow.  I have to take a shower, feed the baby, take care of her, make sure the grandparents are taken care of until the babysitter comes at 2:30, get myself to the dentist office, not fall apart.  Most of these things are not terribly taxing on a normal day, but tomorrow I will be in an extremely heightened state of frazzle.

I think I will write on my hand the only things I really need to remember:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Take care of the baby.
If I can just repeat those two things until 2:30, maybe the rest will take care of itself.

Nick says I'm going to like this dentist, there are no sharp metal instruments, he didn't feel anything, they will give me gas.  I may need to write those things on my hand too.


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