Happy Birthday Jelly Head

This weekend we celebrate Mamie's 6th birthday... how did that happen? It just happens. We cry and fight and make up songs. We learn to be brave together. And then you wake up on a Sunday morning and you have a 6-year-old in Hogwarts pajamas.

A few years ago, I got to share how we decided to name/nickname Mamie.

I Love My Kid's Unusual Name

When she started kindergarten this year, her nickname was all but slayed by bureaucratic forms. Despite me only ever referring to her as Mamie, her school adults only ever call her Mary. I wanted to defend her at first, speak up for using her preferred name!

Then she said, "No, I like Mary."

And I thought, Well why shouldn't she? It's the name we gave her. 

So I guess we've adopted the compromise that many families of nicknamed kids have -- she is Mary at school and Mamie everywhere else. And I'm leaving it entirely up to her what she is called. She prefers not to be called Jelly Head, and I'm trying to respect that.


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