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I Love My Kid's Unusual Name
Our daughter's name means so much to us, even if it confuses everyone we meet.

My "Dirty Secret" as a Stay-at-Home Mom 
I don't have to defend my employment status to anyone, but when I don't have a job to report to, I struggle to define myself.

Country Living

9 Things Not To Say To The Parent Of A Child With Peanut Allergy
I'm not overreacting–I'm protecting my child.

Good Housekeeping

I Wish We Were Raising Our Daughter Closer to Family
Video calls simply can't replace real hugs

Diabetes Is Keeping Me From Getting Pregnant, But I Refuse to Give Up 
I already have a 2-year-old, but my doctors want me to get to a healthy sugar level before I can conceive again.

My Need to Count Everything Brings Me Peace

I struggle with OCD, but I've learned to live with it.

I Was 27, Engaged, and Living With My Parents

My future husband and I had to move back to our childhood homes before we could start our life together.

Huffington Post

The Only Weight I've Lost from Running is Caring What People Think of Me

Human Parts

Postpartum Anxiety Made Me Afraid of Everything

LIbrarian for Life and Style

10 Books to Add to Your Style Inspiration Library

Literary Mama

After Page One: Persistence
Why I love rejections.

Mom Babble

I'm Healthier Because of My Daughter

How a Weird Desert Town Looks Different When the Newlywed Glasses Come Off
My husband and I discovered Oz off an empty west Texas highway in late 2007.

What We Recall Through Scents of Our Past
My daughter was born five years after my grandmother died. I imagined the two convening in some way, hoping my two beloved spirits could connect in the ether, even if they never would in life. 

When Breastfeeding Failed, I Wanted Something to Blame
When my husband and I brought Mary home from the hospital, we felt invincible. That feeling lasted about 24 hours before I was sobbing in hysterics, certain we were all going to die.

The Value of Late-Night Solitude: A Former Insomniac’s Lament
Ambien was turning me into a late-night internet-surfing zombie, eating random pantry contents that I couldn’t even taste.


I Love My Kid's Unusual Name
Our daughter's name means so much to us, even if it confuses everyone we meet.

The Reality of Being a Stay-At-Home Mom: We Judge Ourselves More Than You Ever Do
I have to-do lists, schedules, project notebooks, daily productivity quotas—all to prove to myself that I am working.

Sammiches and Psych Meds


What is different about the attempt this time is that I can see my excuses and fears very clearly.

Woman's Day

How I Learned to Give Up the Magnifying Mirror and Accept Getting Older
I was spending way too much time obsessing over my appearance.


I Started Running a Year Ago, and the Only Weight I've Lost is Caring What People Think of Me
Plenty of people are into exercise — that’s not so special. It still feels strange to me, though, because for so long I didn’t think I belonged in that world.

11 Gruesome, Eerie and Just Bizarre Books to Get You in the Halloween Spirit
These are the kind of books you can’t look away from, even when the nausea hits.

How I Learned That Being Thin Is Not a Requirement For Being Good at Yoga
I don’t look like anyone you’ve ever seen posing in Yoga Journal or on Gaiam TV, but I’m good at it.

I Am Taking Up Running Again, At 250 Pounds

What has changed with this most recent attempt at becoming a runner? The difference is that this time I can see my excuses and fears very clearly.

I’m Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Exposure Therapy To Overcome My Severe Dental Phobia

The dentist became my Bogeyman, his tools too frightening to contemplate.

Best Home Repair Books for the Reluctant Handy Woman in Training

Unclogging a garbage disposer can be intimidating when you have no idea what’s happening down that drain...

To Beat Gym Intimidation, I Decided To Try As Many Classes As I Could In A Few Weeks, Including Pilates, Nia and Old-School Step

I'm still an overweight girl with confidence issues who questions how I fit in among people who look more like they belong in fitness classes.

IT HAPPENED TO ME: Postpartum Anxiety Made Me Afraid of Everything

Postpartum anxiety goes beyond normal worrying. I couldn’t accept that my baby was safe if she wasn’t directly in my line of sight.

With a Sensor Implanted in My Belly and a Thirst for Data, I’m Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor to Improve Control of my Type 2 Diabetes
Why this recent push to be not just a good diabetic but a Super Bionic Diabetic? My fertility doctors essentially want me to cure diabetes before I get pregnant again.

Popular posts from this blog

On the topic of stuff I don't want to do: Cook dinner

Saturday night I tried really hard to get out of cooking dinner. No, I'm not perpetually steam-drenched, hunched over the stove every night, just looking for one night off. I have just about every night off because Nick cooks most of the time, and when it's my turn, I tap into my arsenal of delivery services.

This is not how my mama raised me.

Saturday night, I did, very begrudgingly, grate carrots and sauté bokchoy and glaze chicken. Nick said, "You don't seem to like cooking." But... but... but, I wanted to defend myself, I know how to cook; I used to cook; I used to like cooking.

Things change.

For example, kids. Feeding kids for the last 4.5 years has consumed me, no apology for the pun. My obsession with managing their growth and nutrition is totally separate from cooking. It's a mental tally of macronutrients and micronutrients; it's creating the perfect veggie snack plate with every cucumber slice salted; it's composing and blending superfood sm…

Summer smells like pool water

Early 1980s, summer smells like pool water and cheese crackers from the vending machine at the city pool. And 7-Up in a can because at least one summer, it seemed like we had endless cases of 7-Up in the porch fridge. (I assume you are familiar with the porch fridge.)

I don't know who took me to the pool (Mom? Grammaw?); I don't know if I wore a seatbelt in the backseat; I don't know if anyone ever put sunscreen on me.

But I know what the combination of pool water, cheese crackers, and 7-Up smells like -- a sense memory 35 years old.

Early 1990s, summer smells like pool water, cigarette smoke, and NO-AD tanning lotion in Stacey's backyard. After the sun set, it smelled like plumeria lotion on hot tanned skin and B.C. Moore's parking lot. I never got close enough to a boy to smell Drakkar Noir.

Stacey's mom is gone since last year, and no one smokes cigarettes anymore. I feel so deeply hurt for my oldest friend to have lost her mother and so disoriented to be in…

Milestones, I curse you with the foulest language!

I just created a document to list the words I've heard Lizzie say. I count 14, but I haven't consulted with Nick or her grandparents to see if I've missed any. I'm doing this homework so when people question me about her development, I can say assuredly whether or not she is meeting her milestones. This week I was ashamed to not know whether she typically leads with her right or left foot, or if she often kneels while playing, and if so, are her hips bent or straight? What direction does the third finger on her left hand point while she lays in bed on the night of a full moon? There are so many things I didn't realize I should be noticing.

I hate all those stupid f**king lists of milestones. I can't articulate it any better than that.

So many nagging lists of things a child "should" be doing. I think "should" implies some moral imperative or an obligation to meet external expectations, and I swear the word doesn't apply to a baby.

That s…