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I worry people will assume I'm having a meltdown, but I'm still thinking about it.

I Love My Kid's Unusual Name
Our daughter's name means so much to us, even if it confuses everyone we meet.

My "Dirty Secret" as a Stay-at-Home Mom 
I don't have to defend my employment status to anyone, but when I don't have a job to report to, I struggle to define myself.

Country Living

9 Things Not To Say To The Parent Of A Child With Peanut Allergy
I'm not overreacting–I'm protecting my child.

The Cut

Good Housekeeping

I Wish We Were Raising Our Daughter Closer to Family
Video calls simply can't replace real hugs

Diabetes Is Keeping Me From Getting Pregnant, But I Refuse to Give Up 
I already have a 2-year-old, but my doctors want me to get to a healthy sugar level before I can conceive again.

My Need to Count Everything Brings Me Peace

I struggle with OCD, but I've learned to live with it.

I Was 27, Engaged, and Living With My Parents

My future husband and I had to move back to our childhood homes before we could start our life together.


Why denying that your loved one has dementia can be dangerous

Hello Giggles

How I stopped comparing myself to the ideal "yoga body" that doesn't actually exist

Huffington Post

How I am teaching my small daughters to play Patriarchy Chicken
The Only Weight I've Lost from Running is Caring What People Think of Me

Human Parts

Postpartum Anxiety Made Me Afraid of Everything


Literary Mama

After Page One: Persistence
Why I love rejections.


How a Weird Desert Town Looks Different When the Newlywed Glasses Come Off
My husband and I discovered Oz off an empty west Texas highway in late 2007.

What We Recall Through Scents of Our Past
My daughter was born five years after my grandmother died. I imagined the two convening in some way, hoping my two beloved spirits could connect in the ether, even if they never would in life. 

When Breastfeeding Failed, I Wanted Something to Blame
When my husband and I brought Mary home from the hospital, we felt invincible. That feeling lasted about 24 hours before I was sobbing in hysterics, certain we were all going to die.

The Value of Late-Night Solitude: A Former Insomniac’s Lament
Ambien was turning me into a late-night internet-surfing zombie, eating random pantry contents that I couldn’t even taste.


My Husband Running Makes Me Rage & Here is What I Do About It
I spent plenty of time feeling bitter about how easy it is for my husband to take time away from our kids to relax, and then I decided to borrow his secrets for self-care.


I Love My Kid's Unusual Name
Our daughter's name means so much to us, even if it confuses everyone we meet.

The Reality of Being a Stay-At-Home Mom: We Judge Ourselves More Than You Ever Do
I have to-do lists, schedules, project notebooks, daily productivity quotas—all to prove to myself that I am working.


Sensory Overload In the NICU is Still Impacting My Toddler
My Baby's Appointments Triggered Panic Attacks, but I Learned to Cope

Sammiches and Psych Meds

For the kid who knows her diplodocus from her cryolophosaurus.

Ghosts, witches, spiders, and a hungry lion.


What is different about the attempt this time is that I can see my excuses and fears very clearly.

Woman's Day

How I Learned to Give Up the Magnifying Mirror and Accept Getting Older
I was spending way too much time obsessing over my appearance.

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