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I heard people only read things formatted as lists?

10 things I do daily

  1. Write personal essays about motherhood, anxiety, books, wellness, and other topics I may not have thought of yet.
  2. Have intense conversations with my toddler which cover topics from "I color!" to "Where's dad?"
  3. Run, walk, run/walk, or take a break from running and walking.  I'm training for a half marathon.
  4. Drink coffee, try not to drink Diet Coke, navigate a number of inner struggles about beverage choices.
  5. Manage my anxiety through coloring, journaling, and other relaxation techniques.
  6. Read little snips of 2-10 books, and look sadly at the 2-foot stack of magazines I've been trying to catch up on since 2013.
  7. Vaccuum, Swiffer, dust-bust, and sweep up two tons of cat hair and Cheerios.
  8. Read Livejournal.  I still read Livejournal every day.
  9. Text with my BFF about clothes; text with my husband about what's for dinner.
  10. Make travel plans.

3 things I rarely do

  1. Mop.
  2. Garden.
  3. Fence.

3 things I plan to do

  1. Stand-up paddle board.
  2. Write books.
  3. Buy a house in Cape Cod.


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