2018 So Far: Killing it

I was prepared to ask for a do-over on Week 1 of 2018. I have legit excuses, right? Husband rang in the new year in a hospital bed far away from home? We barely got back home by midnight on Wednesday -- half the week was gone before it even started!

Last night (Saturday), I was about 50 percent done with my ambitious plans for the week.

But it turns out that Sunday can be a powerful day for productivity.

Today, a miracle happened: I unpacked my suitcase less than a week after returning from a trip.

Then another miracle happened: I organized my sock drawer.

And another: I convinced Nick to run an errand and bring me coffee while I took a bath in the middle of the afternoon.

As it turns out, this whole week telescoped to pack in so many things a normal, less magical week would not have accommodated:

  • We spent three extra days in Atmore with family, and got to see a full supermoon in the country -- it would not have been possible from our house in San Antonio.
  • Lizzie used that bonus grandparent time to ALMOST learn to walk before she turns 18 months tomorrow. (Don't get me started on the parental torture of milestones and averages and charts when your kids is on her own schedule.)
  • I think I took a nap every day this week, except the day I drove us all home, and we experienced the magic of amenable kids and no traffic!
  • Nick has felt well enough to cook and clean almost as much as he normally does, which is way more than 50 percent.
  • Next week is all booked up with fun and practical things.


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