I don't want this now, but...

I didn't take a "BEFORE" picture, but 15 minutes ago this drawer was a mess.
So I am still taking very seriously my intention to get my office organized this month by working on it a little everyday.  Obviously my makeup drawer is not in my office, so I will just count this accomplishment as a warmup.

I've identified a major flaw in my thinking at the moment of each decluttering decision:

I don't want this now, but I might want it later.

 Specific examples:

  • I don't like this tangerine pleated polyester knit -- and I haven't liked it in ten years -- but one day, I might find the perfect use for it.
  • This kelly green liquid eyeliner is really high maintenance -- and I only wear eyeliner about once a month -- but some fun Saturday night I will wish I had it.  
  • I don't have time for this 1970s creative visualization workbook, but maybe one day that will be my thing!
All of these authentic examples were F-R-E-E.  It's not like I dropped some dough, and now I can't let go.

Another GIANT issue: if I ever did want or need one of these things, I would have forgotten I own it, or I would not be able to find it!  

Ok, I'm ready for someone to park a dumpster outside the window so I can start chucking without even fooling with garbage bags.


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