Mommy took a sick day (or three)

First of all, I am going to give credit where it is due.  While I was on my back with food poisoning for three days, Nick handled everything I needed him to, and Mamie was exceedingly patient with being homebound and entertaining herself.

There is, however, a division of labor in our house regarding the laundry.  Nick does his laundry once a week and stays out of my way.  Mamie has only mastered unfolding (not an official step in the laundry process). I do all the washing, folding and putting away for myself, the baby, and the household.  I try to do a load a day. Remember, we wash diapers too.

Now let's say I was sick and didn't do any laundry tasks for three days.  And maybe for the last month before that my schedule has been full and maybe things were already backed up a bit? Do I need to paint you a picture of overflowing hampers, morphing mountains, choking, spilling out of the laundry room door?  Ok, good.

There is a complex architecture here with each stack supporting the stacks around it.  Think of the Roman aqueducts.

This is what I have after a two-day effort of folding, and putting things away.  I have already put away more than you see here.  And there are three full, unfolded baskets, a load in the washer, and a load in the dryer.

(Editor's Note: Nicholas Beyer may claim there is absolutely nothing unusual about the laundry back up described above. He may contend the unusual element is that so much of it has been folded. Readers are cautioned that he is not a reliable source of information on the topic, and he has no proof of these allegations.)


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