Fare thee well, peanut butter pie I always crave but never make

What I thought before Mamie was diagnosed with peanut allergy:

Peanut allergy is so rare, why do people make such a big deal about it?

What I think now:

Peanut allergy is so rare, but I'm glad people make such a big deal about it!

Statistics seem to be shifty, but the interwebs say less than one percent of Americans are allergic to peanuts.  This has given me a lot of omgwhymybaby feelings this week. Also, my perspective is distorted to suspect the inclusion of peanuts in everything from pizza crust to milk.

As with all problems, I attacked this one with my weapon of choice -- a book!  Super readers, to the rescue!

I hope after some adjustment this will all seem normal, and I won't see demonic Mr. Peanut around every corner.


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