Nick and I chose today to lift the embargo on the juiciest, most game-changing information in our lives:


For weeks I have been barely able to speak to anyone, because what would I talk about if not this? Yes, the axis of the earth shifted to be centered directly through my womb. (For a tiny taste of what we were going through before EVERYTHING CHANGED you can read some private blogging I did here: )

So, with way more than a little effort on the part of at least a dozen people, the miracle of life occurred inside me, and revealed itself through many home pregnancy tests, blood tests, and panic attacks.  At six weeks, we saw a heartbeat, which did not make Nick cry. (Allergies. Dry air.) At eight weeks, ultrasound showed an indecipherable peanut, and I could even hear the heartbeat. Now at 10 weeks (pictured above), we are all still cool, staying strong on a diet primarily made up of saltines and diet ginger ale.

This will be no surprise to anyone who knows him, but Nick deserves a lot of credit for somehow becoming even more patient than he was before. He has made it so there’s almost nothing for me to wish for or worry about.  I wonder if he has realized yet that our child could be as neurotic as I am.

Current size: Fig ;)
Due date: Oct. 22


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