5 Beautiful Things: Dining tables

Nick and I are in the market for our first grown-up dining room table. I imagined something dark, heavy, and rustic (anything by George Nakashima). Nick would prefer "modern". Could we really find something to agree on? Well, yes, we agree on this unattainably obscure style in Atomic Ranch Magazine:

My challenge is to find a similar affordable option. I've found similar, but affordable is still up for grabs. Here are 5 awesome tables I would think twice about if they were suddenly 75% off.

1) Nuevo Nico Dining Table

2) Modloft Astor Dining Table

3) Terra Dining Table

4) Minguren II Table

5) Tahoe Dining Table


  1. 1, 3 and 4 are pretty sexy. I've been watching Craigslist furniture ads (I'm looking for a chest of drawers for my bedroom, and maybe a bed) and I keep seeing ads for a local guy who makes furniture either in his shop or garage (I think). I wonder if there's a local artisan who might be able to design and make what you're looking for, at a more affordable rate?

    Your definition of "grown up" is buying furniture...my definition of "grown up" is waking up with a pimple on my chin and going ALL DAY before picking at it. ALL DAY!!

  2. I am definitely going to check Craigslist.

    Ever try not to tweeze a chin hair for a day or more?

  3. Oh good lord I've gone some days without tweezing, usually only if I've misplaced tweezers. I can't stop messing with the wiry ones.
    I get this one blonde super-stubbly thing on my cheek, right in front of my ear, that I can feel with my fingertips but can't see at all, and it drives me nuts until I can somehow grab it and remove it. It's like a branch, almost.


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