making my confession

Last night I did something I feel pretty guilty about. (Bear with me, because it's not about what I ate.)

We were driving home from Denton and it was time to stop for dinner. I was holding out for Schlotzskys because I've been dreaming of a Cinnabon! (No, really, my guilt is not about that.) Finally we stopped at an exit that happened to have a Schlotzskys, so that's the good news. The guy at the counter flubbed our order a little and said "sorry, it's been a crazy night." No worries, but I thought it was a strange thing to say since there weren't many people in there. It was maybe 10 minutes later when the red flags started to go up. I heard a customer complaining that she had waited more than 30 minutes. Uh oh. Not what you want to hear when you are trying to get through a 5 hour drive before midnight.

I listened, amused, and started to wonder if I should worry about our order. I saw that a customer who ordered after us was bearing down at the counter and actually getting her order. I thought, ok this is how you have to do it, just go complain about waiting and it will get made faster.

I stood there watching about 10 minutes before I said to the sandwich-maker, "Do you know what the status of my order is?" She asked what we ordered. I told her, but what followed was an exasperating back-and-forth about which sandwich was ours and how it should be made. She asked me, what's supposed to be on this? (Nick's pastrami and swiss)"

I said, with plenty of attitude, (this is the sinful part), "I don't know what's on it! I don't work here!"

Sadly, that didn't really have a motivating effect. I think the woman was pretty downtrodden already because of the building chaos of 20ish people waiting for orders and complaining openly. No I didn't handle it with kindness and I still feel bad about it.

Ultimately we were in the Schlotzskys for an hour and didn't get home til after midnight. Another exasperated worker said they only had four people working and they were all new. By the time we left customers were demanding their money back and walking in and leaving without even ordering. I know I didn't help the problem by being rude, but whoever made that schedule and left those people to flail on a Saturday night should be fired.


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