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I went through our community course catalog today and decided what I'll be taking this spring.

  • Adoption Basics -- I hope we will be well on our way to hustling a baby by the end of this year. Sooner than later, I hope to find a T-shirt that says "Ask me about my infertility."
  • Introduction to Reiki -- I really don't even know what it is, but I love New Age holistic healing stuff. And I think I have some healing power in my hands.
  • Drawing with pastels, charcoal, and colored pencils -- I'm pretty excited about this one because I'm also getting a little into art journaling.
Speaking of art journaling, I bought this neat little thing at the bookstore last night:

I've gathered all of the creativity books I've been getting lately, and I may just lie down with them stacked all around me.


  1. What IS art journaling anyway?

    And what books can you recommend for helping a person open up their creative mind?

  2. Art Journaling -- is like a regular writing journal that you decorate with paper, collage, drawing, painting.

    good books for creativity practice: The Artist's Way and Kaleidoscope (that book I showed you last time we were in Atmore).

  3. will make you whatever you want on a shirt

    I'm attuned Reiki level 2 and qualified for ART and Master classes if I would like to take them ... in case you have questions, I can probably answer them.

    Last year was my learn to crochet, Reiki level 2 and learn German year. This year I think I'll go for my CBAP certification...maybe more Reiki, who knows. Best of luck in your education goals (and everything else)


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