The gallery is open

One little project for this weekend was to hang this gallery in our living room.

Some rearranging was necessary, mainly because of this large painting from my grandmother. Painted by Heather's dad in the 1970s, it shows my dad (on the tractor) trying to beat a storm.
I also framed some of these Cabinet of Natural Curiousities prints last week.


The Cabinet of Natural Curiousities is a giant book I've coveted for a few years. Instead of that hulking masterpiece, I found a slim book of prints from the original on the Barnes and Noble clearance table last week. One day I hope I have my own cabinet of curiousities. Oh! We saw a fantastic cabinet of curiousities in the art museum in Hartford over Thanksgiving. My cabinet will have to be cat-proof, of course.


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  2. So nice! I want a gallery wall just like this. I also want a wall full of family photos, arranged in this same style.


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