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I would have been ashamed to admit this before today, but now that the situation is rectified, I can tell the truth.

We just joined our city recycling program. Yes, it took us more than 18 months to do it. And all it took was a phone call to request the bin. We wasted a year and a half worth of good recyclable stuff because we couldn't get around to making a phone call. I know, it's shameful.

But now we're in business and I don't see how one bin will hold all of our refuse. Lucky we have trash pickup twice a week.
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  1. I wish we had that here. I guess we could still sort our stuff and take it to the recycling place. We do sort our cans and sell them.

  2. Our recycle bin is constantly more full than our trash bin. It's a good feeling! But I feel like I need two wastebaskets per room!

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